PR for M/M books and videos

Happy New Year and hello. I’m really pleased to tell you that the new book has had lovely reviews on dedicated M/M sites like Crucify My Love and Love Bytes Reviews, even though the story contains nothing hotter than a very chaste kiss! I know that the folk on the Gay Mystery Podcast turn to Becca’s Love Bytes Reviews to check that, as they like to call it, ‘Crime is Prime’ – they told me so when I guested on their show. I suppose, though, in my books, crime vies with relationships, and with Nick being ace, those relationships don’t necessarily have much sex. Crucify My Love reviews far fewer books, but what they write (in English and in Polish!) is so thoughtful… and there are little add-ons like ‘Fan Girl Zone’ that make me smile.

For me, getting reviews is a problem. I’m self-published. I don’t have a big social media presence. I don’t have contacts within the PR or publishing businesses. There are many online outfits who are pay-for-review. Not directly so: it would, for example, be against Amazon policies to engage directly in pay-for-review. Instead, these outfits offer readers the option of reviewing; readers can do so if they want to. The reviewers could be anyone and anything, though, including homophobic – which wouldn’t suit me, would it? Not when I write about a polyamorous gay quad! (Plus Nick) So, I don’t like to go down that road, but I do promote the books through Lily Blunt’s Gay Book Promotions, and hope that the publicity generated will gain at least some readers’ interest. Thanks to Lily, well over a dozen bloggers and Facebook-folk and Instagrammers etc displayed the book’s cover, blurb, links and first chapter to their followers. (

And talking of links and first chapters, here, as promised last time, is the link to some stunning aerial footage of Weardale , the setting of the County Durham Quad tales, and my reading of Fast, Free and Flying‘s Chapter One. I know the words off by heart now! I can mute the video, watch it on my own files so’s not to artificially skew the number of views and recite it perfectly. I was hoping to release the second vid a day or two ago but the North-East weather and the UK’s strict Covid restrictions got in the way. I’ve one ready for this week, though. (Goes public on 21st January). The footage is wonderful. It’s the vid for Book 4, Body Parts and Mind Games. The extract involves setting a patch of grouse moor alight after a drive through country lanes. To do it, Andy combined aerial shots and road trip ones. Great dedication: he got stuck in the mud. There’s a WOW! bit at five minutes when he flips from one type of footage to the other. I guess if you click on the other link and hit subscribe, YouTube will send a notification. I’ll edit and update this post too.

Buy/read inside link for Fast Free and Flying by Jude Tresswell is I hope you all stay safe and well; I really do.

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