Asexual Identity: Using Colours

I love colour, so, this being March and the third month in my particular calendar, I’ll blog about three ways ace colours are involved in my life. I use them in clothing, in jewellery and in my books.

I love rocks as much as I love colour and, strolling along an Irish beach, I found small pebbles that were black and white – miniature versions of 60’s style Op Art designs. I made earrings from them, and one piece is still waiting to be mounted as a finger ring, but I also made a necklace – and I wear it nearly every day. I’m very aware that I’m wearing something coloured with an ace connection and, daft though it might seem, that knowledge gives me satisfaction. I identify as ace. You mightn’t know it – person in the street who sees the necklace – but I know it. Here’s a photo. The black background is carboniferous limestone. The white and grey streaks are calcite.

A piece of ace rock from north of Dublin

So, on to clothes. Mine are mostly grey or black, but I’ll be honest, the choice is down to agedness not acedness. The days when I felt comfortable meeting the day in vibrant reds and blues are long gone. If I were true to my place on the acespec, I’d just have a wardrobe of black, but grey suits me – I think. Grey is good.

So, books. My own. I was very aware of the Ace colours when I was working on Ace in the Picture. The book, my third, is published at the end of March.

The colours in Tunhead’s moorland backdrop began to change to purples and shades of grey is almost the story’s final sentence and, as I wrote, I was wondering if any reader would see the words as significant. They were so to me. The cover colours too. I specified a purple in the Pantone range for the backdrop – very like the darker purple in the Asexual Agenda motif. Printing being what it is, the actual colour is closer to the Agenda’s paler, pinker quadrants. No matter. If it’s good enough for the AA, then it’s good enough for me. So, I’ve white writing, grey and black silhouetted characters, a purplish background… I blogged about the cover in January, though (in An Ace Cover?) and posted a picture, so I shan’t repeat stuff here. Suffice it to say that colours, Ace colours, were in my mind throughout and I felt that using the colours was important. They are part of how I see myself, and, as I’ve posted before, there’s a fair amount of #own voice in that third story, even though the plot isn’t driven by the ace who’s in the picture.

That’s colour and me. I hope that the constant use of British English spelling doesn’t irritate. Typing ‘color’ seems very strange to me.

4 thoughts on “Asexual Identity: Using Colours

  1. Even though I’m American, I didn’t even notice your British spellings (for a long time my spellchecker was set to British English for some reason, so I got into the habit of spelling it as ‘colour’ myself).


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